Nick Nanakos (FOUNDER SERIES) — Pragmatic Advice for the Everyday Entrepreneur

Nick Nanakos pitching to investors

Episode #31 had many golden nuggets. Nick Nanakos is the real deal. His advice is even more real since he’s going the distance with entrepreneurship…… even deciding to drop out of college at age 22 to focus on his company full-time.

His company Truck Bux is a platform that brings people to food trucks and food trucks to people. With recent successes and their launch of food delivery, Truck Bux is one to watch……. as a blueprint for learning and for utter admiration.

In our new, exclusive series called Founder Series there were 15 key takeaways for entrepreneurship. Below are those exact things.

And behind that scope, majority of these things can deeply apply to other facets of life.

  1. Keep it convenient for the customer - The easier it is for the customer, the more they’ll use it and want to have it.

2. Know your industry - past and present

3. Treat your customer like a best friend

4. Lead with heart - As a leader, it’s crucial to be authentic and use sincerity and integrity in serving others.

5. Find comfort in the chaos - Being at ease in discomfort will allow you to juggle more things and handle a heavy burden that many can’t. Build your discomfort threshold.

6. Put in the work!

7. Higher level thinking - Deploy logical thinking and higher perspective when thinking about your goals and grand vision for something.

8. Love your process

9. See and capitalize on opportunity - Richard Branson said, “Opportunities are like buses — there’s always another one coming.” But capitalize on one’s you have in the present!

10. Take risk when young

11. Have a plan

12. You get what you deserve

13. Isolation and reflection is key; so is relaxing and seeing others - As Nick says, “Sleep is the cousin of death.” But as we also agreed, rest and rejuvenation is vital for growth

14. Pursue purpose

15. Be grateful.

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